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Bev Sidders Skincare Glossary


Cosmeceutical — a combination of the words cosmetic and pharmaceutical. From a commercial standpoint, the term cosmeceutical is being used to indicate that a given product may have greater efficacy than whatever can be said under cosmetic claims. It is used to describe a range of products that promote attractiveness and affect the structure of the skin. These are positioned primarily as “correctors” that influence the biological function of the skin for anti-aging, antiwrinkle, and skin rejuvenation purposes. Some of the mechanisms of action attributed to cosmeceutical ingredients include activating cellular receptors (retinoids); enhancing barrier function (most moisturizers); increasing exfoliation (AHAs and BHAs); normalizing cellular repair (copper peptides) inhibiting oxidation (anti-oxidants); and regulating cellular communication (peptides). As knowledge increases, it is expected that the cosmeceutical category will continue to grow and increase its use of sophisticated ingredients.