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EltaMD Silvergel™️ Antimicrobial Wound Gel

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1 ounce bellow.

EltaMD SilverGel Antimicrobial is a clear, amorphous antimicrobial wound gel specially formulated to create a moist healing environment and help provide broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection. SilverGel is ideal for high-risk or infected wound areas with light to moderate exudate, preventing bacterial growth and absorbing up to equal its volume of wound exudate.

Key Benefits:
Provides sustained and effective silver ion release for healthy wound healing
Viscosity allows full antimicrobial contact with entire wound bed.
Non-cytotoxic, non-staining and water-soluble formula
Prevents bacterial growth for high-risk and infected wounds.

Cleanse the wound. Apply a generous amount of SilverGel directly onto affected site. Repeat as often as necessary to keep wound environment moist.

Ingredients:  Carbomer, Glycerin, Purified Water, Silver Nitrate, Sodium Chloride And Triethanolamine